My Favorite Animal


My favorite animal is the loin. The scientific name of this animal is Panthera Leo.Their family is carnivores.the lion lives in Subsaharnn Africa. What they eat are wild beast,impalas,zebras,buffalo,and warthogs,A males Weight is between 330and 550.A females weight is between 260 and 400.A males size is about 4ft and 8ft long. The females size is about 145 and 175. Male lions live about 10 years in the wild ,Females live a little longer. But mostly lions may live as long as 25 years.The humans are threats to lions. Their population is 30%-50%. Lions are mamels. This animal is endangered by humans. To protect, people have to stay away from lions. Also people can persevere this animal by not killing them.Lions are an awesome animal.They are wild cats. The lion is the tallest (at the shoulders)They also have manes.Lions are so strong that they can knock down a buffalo but of curse they have to work together.They also have a tail tuft that is black. The lions are known the king of the lions (mostly)The lion is the second largest living cat after the tiger. the lion is a vulnerable species. The lion was one of the many species originally described bu linnaevs,which gave it the name felis leo. Lions are powerful animals that usually hunt in coordinated groups and stalk their chosen prey. When resting , lion socialization occurs though a number of behaviors , and the animals expressive moments are highly developed. The most common peaceful tactile gestures are head rubbing and social liking.Which have been compered with grooming in primates. Lions also gave prides. They usually live in groups of 15 or more animals. lions also have baby cubs that are mostly two or three cubs. This is my animal is my favorite thats why that the Lion is my and will always be my favorite animal.

Titanic Story

tianic picture


There was a ship called Titanic. This ship was the biggest ship of them all! This ship was the ”safest ship of afloat” These were the words from the newspaper used in writing about the Titanic.

There was a child named Hector Smith. He was a nice boy who adored his family.He was 12 years old,tall and a fun child.He was also a smart boy. There was an afternoon that his family told him that they were all going to a trip. He right away asked where were they going? His family had told him that they were going to the biggest ship, the Titanic!He was pleased with excitement.

The Smith family were packing really quickly. Hector was so exited because he was going to the Titanic. It was April 10,1912.When they arrived to the ship Hector could smell the beauty of the sea. It was a fantastic evening when they arrived. They immediately got on the Titanic. Hector heard the Titanic’s engine starting. His eyes were amazed of  how much people were getting on the Titanic. He asked his mother,”Mother how much people do you think will get in this ship?”

“Well child I think about 2,228 passengers can be in this ship but I’m not exactly sure child.” Ms.Smith said.

Hector was still amazed so he was know exited of starting the trip. He couldn’t wait until they finally entered the sea!

It was April 11,1912. Hector was having a great time. He moved his legs like a professional dancer.He danced with his family.He felt really glad of his whole family being with him.  He then thought if he ever losses his family he would die for them.

April 12,1912.Hector’s eyes were scenting  because of the shining and beautiful sun. He saw the strong wave pounding on the rocks. He also saw the liquid lips kissing the silver sand outside.He spend his afternoon just hanging around.

Two days passed and Hector was hipper. He couldn’t wait to play with his new buddies. But at the same time he felt inside of his hart that something dangerous was going to happen. He was suddenly very worried. Then he went running as lightning to tell his mom that he was worried that something will happen to the ship.

Hector said caching his breath,”Mother I feel that something will happen to the ship!”

“Hector, nothing will happen to this ship this ship is Unsinkable!”Mrs smith told Hector. Hector was not worried anymore.He then was calm and  went back with his friends.

It was dark. Hector was getting sleepy but he still wanted to continue playing. Suddenly,Hector felt something hit the ship!!He was not worried at all because his mother had told him that nothing can happen to this ship.He continued playing. Ten minutes past  and one of the workers at the ship yelled, “We are in danger run to the life boats, children and women first!”  Hector was panicking.He ran as fast as he could to his mother.He couldn’t find her.He kept looking.Hector finally found her.Hector put his arms around his mother’s waist. They ran to the life boats.Hector could see people panicking too but they were extremely panicking. Hector could also see people not worrying because they thought nothing could happen to this ship. Then Hector and his mother were in line to get in the boats. They got in one by one.Without warning, Hector then remembered of his family. He was concerned that his family would not gotten on the boat.He was really panicking know.He was telling his mother that we have to wait for their family but his mother had told him that they don’t have time.Certainly, Hector and his mother got on the boat.The boat went down smoothly and soft. Then bumped to the ocean water.As people pedaled Hector could see his family waving their hands and there loud voices screaming help!Hector wanted to help them but he couldn’t anymore.He yelled to his mother that we should go back but she wouldn’t listen Then other people were in the cold water wanting to get in the boats but people in the boats were hitting them to stay away.Hector would shout at them to stop!but they wouldn’t listen either!!he was getting angry at his mom and the people who were in the boat. With hector won eyes he was starting to see the Titanic sinking ans he could also see his family at the edge of the boat deciding to jump if sink with the boat. After that he saw his family taking those huge steps one foot in the hair and then their whole body. as the family went down hector screamed ”No!!” his tears went one by one dropping to he sea.He then took his feet on the sides of the boat   and took his nee down and jumped! His mother then yelled at him to come back he refused to go back. He felt that he was about to die of the freezing water but he kept swimming. Hector then Felt everything go dark and getting weaker every minute.Later he could see a light brightening on his face and there he could see his family.He followed that light and went up as his body went down. He was now with his family.

There were 705 survivors and 1523 perished. This ship was a fantastic ship but there was a tragedy that happened. An iceberg hit Titanic on April 14 at 11:40 and it sank two hours and forty minutes. The story of a unsinkable ship and a young boy taking his life to be with his family . But know let me ask you, would you do the same?

The Komodo Dragon

Ring, Ring, Ring, the phone rang when I was on bed sleeping like the sleeping beauty. As I yawned to get the phone and rod told me, “Hey dude umm well my friends and I are going to a jungle called the Indonesia jungle and I’m just wondering if you wanted to come?” I was tired and I couldn’t decide so I told rod, “Well its not so bad going hiking with my friend so sure whats the worse that can happen!” After Rod was telling me all about the trip and when was the date, time place I was wondering if it would be nice to go to the Indonesia jungle and get some fresh air and I thought well its better then staying here at home doing nothing. I was eager to go to Indonesia jungle.

I was in a hurry that was going back and forth getting the things needed for the trip. I walked fastly to the exit of my apartment. I got in a taxi and headed to the airport. When I entered the airport station I saw rod and his friends. He fastly waved his hand so I can see him. We talked for a minute and went were they checked the luggage. We finally got on the airplane. As we all got on we took a sit, I sat on the comfy chair and took a deep breath and told my self “The adventure beings”

It was long trip.It was sunny and vary bright. We all got off the airplane and saw the amazing jungle of Indonesia we all went to a small place and left all our stuff there. We got ready for the hike!

We arrived to the Indonesia jungle. The grass was long and rough. We were hiking almost for 30 minutes. I talked to rod so I wouldn’t get bored. As we were going step by step rod was the leader. He said we had to walk for five hours. When we walked, Rod for a moment was getting tired. He would complain two times but I told him to drink some water or keep on walking. I was worried about rod he said that this never hardly happens to him. But we went on

Three hours past and rod was extremely tired he wouldn’t even walk that much. He finely decided to rest for a while. “You guys go ahead I’ll catch up and Fred would lead the group.” Rod said it to the group and with his breath going back and forth rapidly. I said, “Are you sure your okay staying here for a while?” “Yea Im sure and you move on I’ll catch up don’t worry.” Rod said.

When we went ahead I went ahead too but I was worried about Rod. But I was sure that nothing could happen to him. When we walked we saw a sigh saying “WARNING KOMODO DRAGON WATCH OUT HARMES AND EATS HUMANS!!!!

It was already two hours that rod didn’t come back and catch up with us. We then decided to go back and search for him. We yelled like twenty times but he wouldn’t answer. Then I heard one of the guys of our group yelling,” Come, come!” Then I reached to see. I was shocked! We saw my best friend’s camera and his shirt all bloody. I couldn’t believe it. Was Rod eaten by the Komodo Dragon?



I really love band because it helps me with almost everything and it gives me more energy!The instrument I play is the flute! When I first starting to play the flute it was hard at first but when i got the hang of it I was getting better and better.I enjoy playing my instrument but at first i didn’t like it vary much but I didn’t give up so I practiced and practiced and when I did that I was better.I love my band teacher Ms.Hobin because she is a really good person and funny too .I enjoy how she teaches our band because she is not only our teacher she is  part of our band!!She always gives us advice so we can get a better sound. She also tells us that we all have to work together and not give up. Ms.Hobin also gives us breaks when we are tired and she is an awesome teacher! People say that Ms. Hobin is really mean and that she is not cool but people don’t realize that if you respect her and pay attention to her you will like her vary much like I do.I love band !

Here is a link Band and Orchestra.

Book Talk


McKinley and me,

Elizabeth By E.l Konigsburg

book talk coverThe book that I read is Jennifer,Hecate,Macbeth,William McKinley and me, Elizabeth. The story takes place mostly at the park. The main characters are Jennifer and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is an only child and new in town. Shes the shortest kid in her class .Elizabeth always walks to school vary lonely but in Halloween she meets Jennifer. Jennifer is well… different. She never wears ”jeans” or ”shorts” and she never says ”please” or ”thank you”. Jennifer also says she is a witch. Elizabeth and Jennifer met on a tree. Jennifer then told her that she was a witch. After that they became friends and Elizabeth wasn’t lonely anymore. Jennifer started to put notes on the tree they met. Then one day they planed on meeting and Jennifer decided to make Elizabeth an apprentice witch and then a journeyman witch. An apprentice witch was not quit easy. Elizabeth had to eat raw eggs raw hot dogs etc…also she leaned how to cast small spells on a girls who she hated. Then Christmas came and Elizabeth had to have FF(forbidding food) she had to give up her favorite food to not eat so she could be a journeyman witch during Christmas.

She and Jennifer had to collaborate on cooking an ointment that will enable them to fly. They had to collect fingernails,toenails,a snowball etc… thats when a marvels toad,Hillary Ezra,enters their lives. Thats when trouble stars to brew.


My favorite month is April.April is my favorite month because this month is my birthday. But also there is a lot of birthdays in April. For example,my cousins,my uncles and my friends. I really love this month. The cool thing is that my cousins birthday is the same day and month as mine but the year is different.Also my cousins name is April. Thats cool.This is my favorite month,April.


Aurora Co.

Where i live is in Aurora Co. Its really cold and  windy when it is winter season. But when summer arrives it is really HOT!!Aurora has awesome schools. Really good restaurants and grocery stores too. There is allot of parks and fun restaurants. Did you know that our weather is really weird too. For example,one day it was really windy and cold,then the next day it was burning hot?Isn’t really weird. But i hope you enjoy Aurora Co.See you real soon!!

aurora co

Who I admire?

The  person I admire is my father. He is an awesome dad. He is a hard worker and never gives up. My dad works two jobs so that my brother and i could get an education.I love my dad! He always talks about why he couldn’t get an education,but he always tells me that i have to go to collage and never give up.When my dad was in high school he had to drop off because he didn’t have allot of money to pay for collage so he had to find a job.He always says that i do have an opportunity to get an education. Thats why I admire my dad. He always tells to work hard on my education. I hope someday I will go to collage and show my dad that i never gave up on my education!

love dad